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Kevin Jones
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Ten Musical Tips for the Bride
and Groom from Kevin Jones: - Cont.

4)    Figure out your budget. Can you afford a DJ (cheaper) or a band for your reception? Do you plan on having folks dance at your reception? If not, then a background pianist might be just what the moment needs. Do you want just an organist or pianist at the ceremony, or would you like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to serenade you? Look for discount package deals. There is a substantial savings for couples who hire me to do both their ceremony and their reception. Since I'm already at the wedding, it's not a huge expense for me to 'move' to another room and play for the second half. That saves couples a bundle by not having to hire a separate DJ or band.

5)    Go to the bridal shows and search out the musicians. Check the bridal guides for musician listings. Talk to all of them. Even if you don't want that particular instrumentation, it will allow you to gain insight into what 'musical things' cost.

6)    Always ask to hear examples of the musicians’ work. Many musicians have CD's or links to their website where you can listen to samples. I'm really personable, so I invite potential wedding couples to come over to my studio where I will serenade them to their hearts content!

7)    Get it in writing. Make sure that your musicians provide you with a contract. That way you'll know exactly what you're getting, and there won't be any misunderstandings/disappointments come the wedding day.

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