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Kevin Jones
Wedding Musician & Entertainer

Ten Musical Tips for the Bride
and Groom from Kevin Jones:

1)    Listen to music. Lots of music! Go to Barnes and Noble and listen to ceremony music. There are many Wedding specific CD's out there. Make a note of the tunes that really touch your heart. I can't tell you how many couples have told me how much the music really made their wedding. I can affirm that statement from my own wedding. Being a professional musical director, I have just a few musician friends. Melia and I had a string quartet, a pianist, and a small choir for our ceremony. It was basically a concert where we also happened to share our vows! And you know what I remember the most about our ceremony nine years later? The music!

2)    Talk to your friends (especially if you have any music teacher or musician friends). They will know a lot of the great classical works that are often performed at weddings.

3)    Decide what type of music/musicians would best suit the style of your wedding. If you're doing a traditional wedding, then you might want to consider a pianist or organist, classical music, and a classically trained singer. If you are doing a contemporary outdoor wedding, then the sky's the limit -Broadway show tunes to rock n' roll. I'm doing a wedding this fall on the Virginia Dare boat out at Smith Mountain Lake. The musical line up includes a Dolly Parton Song, an Adam Sandler Song (from the movie, The Wedding Singer, and that 50's favorite by the Dixie Cups, Going To The Chapel and I'm Going To Get Married. I'm willing to do any song that is requested, and you'd be surprised at what I've sung and played!



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